Please read every single one carefully! These are to ensure a great role-playing experience for everyone. If you have any questions, concerns, do not hesitate to contact the admin :)

  1. Dark. First off, this is a mature role play with dark themes, in case you haven’t noticed. Don’t apply if you are uncomfortable with the plot. There will be smut (including non-consensual), violence, abuse of any and all kinds, permanent markings, etc…
  2. Activity.  Only apply if you will be active, and I mean seriously active. This means every day. And, if you are going to be gone for a day or longer, please, please, if at all possible, let not only the admin know, but those who you are role-playing with know. Posting in the ooc side-blog is an easy way. And, to be respectful of all players, when you are getting off for the night, or for an extended time, let it be known. If you disappear for four days without warning, I reserve the right to reopen your character.
  3. Literacy. I like quality over quantity. In many scenarios, one paragraph is enough and it will allow the role play to be fast-paced which is what I want. Still, I should never see one-liners for paras! Conversations may be any short/long length of course. Correct spelling and grammar, please, but I am aware everyone makes mistakes and typos sometimes.
  4. Particulars. No god-moding, meta-gaming, etc… Please be realistic. All the Masters are very close friends and pride themselves on maintaining authority with their slaves. Therefore, none of them are going to on the first day be like, “Oh, I am in love with my slave so I’mma let her free and who cares if my friends and I end up in jail.” No soft Masters from the start. Masters and slaves must develop as characters, but over time. The friends agreed on strict discipline for their slaves. The castle has servants, so the slaves are primarily for sex and other types of entertainment. Stay in character! This is AU, but Quinn should still act like Quinn, Kurt like Kurt, etc… The Masters and slaves do not know each other at all (the Masters did not grow up in Lima, but elsewhere).
  5. OOC. No ooc drama. If a problem arises, please let the admin know and it will be dealt with quickly. All ooc should be kept to the ooc side-blog and private messages. Once your application is accepted, please send the admin an e-mail address so they may send you an invite to the ooc side-blog.