Sold: A Glee Slave Role Play

A new school year has started and New Directions has started up rehearsals in preparation for Sectionals. Due to construction at school, the glee club is temporarily out of a practise space, but they come up with the idea to rehearse at the park. One evening though, rehearsal runs late and slave traders happen to be passing through Lima, Ohio at just the right time. They come upon the group of teenagers at the end of their rehearsal, after many of the members have already left. They kidnap the rest, drug them, and take them several hours away to be sold off into slavery.

They’re bought by Jesse St. James for himself and his friends who all live at the Saint Estate. The group of young adults is filthy rich and continuing in the lifestyle they were brought up in. Slaves to them are merely property - toys to be submissive to their Master’s every whim, and severely punished when they disobey.

The Estate is well-staffed, heavily guarded, and incredibly secure - basically out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a beautiful, lavish castle, but for the teenagers far from home it is only a prison.

Pages you MUST read thoroughly before applying {I worked very hard on this role play in hopes to make it a great experience for everyone.}:

Apply here:

Set endgames so far: St. Berry, Fuinn, Brittana, Kartie

Other suggested endgames:

Some positions (whether Master or slave) are negotiable. If a character is not mentioned, feel free to ask for him/her.